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Not today, Fred!
‘Not today, Fred!’
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Metropolitan Museum etalages
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Brabants Dagblad 2-2-2019

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Après nous?

Not today, Fred!
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‘I’m your sister, Charlie!’ ‘No more hanky panky, Peter!’ ‘Mother is coming!’ ‘Not in my backyard!’
‘Kids are listening, Liam!’ ‘Pigs, never again!’ ‘Not after the ‘Walking Dead’, Romeo!’ ‘No Nicolas, I’m knitting!’
‘Not your birthday, Brian!’ ‘Not in the elevator, Tom!’ ‘Sorry Ken, divorced yesterday!’ ‘Girls wanna have fun!’
‘Not again, Maria!’ ‘Kitty says no, Kevin!’ ‘Not in puiblic, Eric!’ ‘Why not talk?’

‘No more hanky panky, Romeo!’

  Barbie wakes up, Barbie is fed up! Enough hanky panky! Barbie on the barricades: Barbie Power! The ‘Association for equal Barbie rights’ has announced an international ‘White March against the pigs’ under the motto: ‘No more hanky panky, Romeo!’ It’s a flaming protest against Romeo's overly frivolous romances. The demonstration warms up at the ‘Metropolitan Museum’ in Tilburg. Come and see! Join us! Girls wanna have fun!

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© Sjon Branðs [vrijdag 15 februari 2019 | Fryday, February 15th, 2019]