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Not today, Fred!
Make love, not war
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‘Not today, Fred!’
Metropolitan Museum etalages
Metropolitan Museum | Tilburg
window exhibition
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Touch me!
Brabants Dagblad 2-2-2019
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in development
Après nous?

'Decent girls need love too!
Not today, Fred!
'Not today, Fred!’
'Not today, Fred!’
‘I’m your sister, Charlie!’ 'Decent girls need love too' ‘No Nicolas, I’m knitting!’ 'Pussy power!'
‘Not after the ‘Walking Dead’, Romeo!’ 'We're all individuals' 'Kitty says no, Kevin!' 'Touch me!'
‘Not your birthday, Brian!’ 'Tits for president!' 'Mother is coming!' 'Climate, hotter than my friend!'
‘Girls wanna have fun!’ 'Changed gender, George?' 'Not in the elevator, Tom!' 'Men only want one thing!'
'No more hanky panky, Peter!' 'Help yourself, Herman!' 'Not in my backyard!' 'Pigs, never again!'
'Sorry, Ken, divorced yesterday!' 'Kids are listening, Liam!' 'Not again, Maria!' ‘Why not talk?’
'Not today, Fred!’
'Window exhibitions’
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