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'TWIET TWIET' expositie vreemde vogels op het vinkentouw, Sjon Brands en Martijn de Boer, 21 t/m 30 september 2012, Franciscanessenkapel Tilburg Carl Rohde, Sience of the Time, 24 september 2012

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© Sjon Branðs [vrijdag 15 februari 2019 | Fryday, February 15th, 2019]

What it Is:Sjon Branðs is a Dutch-based artist exhibiting now his collection of amazing sculptures – in Tilburg, the Netherlands. The sculptures are birds, human characters and household gear in one. The birdy sculptures all sing their own tunes. Sometimes they do so together, sometimes they do so in competition, sometimes they simply ignore the sounds that others make. Like we so often do ourselves in the human world. There is a dada-ist touch to the exhibition. And references to the medieval world of Jeroen Bosch.

Why it is Cool:Devoting so much professional passion to create a broad and exciting series of new birds species - with thoughtful art references- must be admired as immensely Cool. Sjon Branðs is not a famous artist (yet). He just happens to be fully devoted. That is the essence of Creativity, Crafts & Art.  It is also a tribute to the meaningless meaningfullness

of life. If you are in Tilburg have a look at the exhibition – Bisschop Zwijssenstraat 22, in the chapel. If you are somewhere else on this planet: enjoy the images. More info here. By the way, the birds know poems too.

Science of the Time Interpretation:
What Ambitions means to different generations is a topic that is often documented at Science of the Time. We also search for what makes ambition Cool – per generation. The intense, energetic and time-consuming strivings of artist Branðs to create a fresh world filled with handmade fresh and new bird species: it is for sure a part of Cool Ambition, even Cool Passion. Apart from that, Sjon Branðs also shows ‘How humorous art can be’.