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Landshut 2019

‘Neue Galerie’ Landshut (Germany)
May 23 - June 23, 2019

Junge Kunst aus Breda

  The Dutch fine artist Sjon Branðs makes ‘Dadaist birds of paradise’, ‘flamboyant airships’, ‘readymades’ and so-called ‘Groceries’. Absurd creations constructed of disposables and utensils, such as radio tubes, ostrich feathers, ladles and matchboxes. It’s a bunch colourful caricatures of our existence, a cheerful collection of human idiosyncrasies and vices, that sometimes make life complicated, but definitely worth it.

  This exhibition Sjon shows a series of his favourite ‘odd birds’. These birds, inspired by Jheronimus Bosch, flew over our continent and landed at various exhibitions in Europe, such as in Madrid, Vienna and ’s-Hertogenbosch (2016). In addition, you will see a number of his ‘readymades’ (2017), small sententious sculptures with a touch of humour. Finally you will find his ‘Groceries’ (Einkäufe) (2018), a series of mind-blowing figures composed of everyday objects. This is a playful search for the identity of our society and the role that contemporary concepts play in it. In other words: language as a useful tool or as a cunning mindf*cker? You name it.

  Sjon Branðs (Tilburg Netherlands, 1948) studied mechanical engineering (Eindhoven), social history (Tilburg) and movement theatre (Antwerp). His working life was a jigsaw puzzle of different jobs, such as fisherman on the North Sea, business researcher, taxi-driver, history teacher, barkeeper in Spain, actor in Belgium (‘Piramide op de Punt’), social worker in Dutch suburbs and company director. His real life was always inspired by wandering, poetry and constructing his own world. In 1986 Sjon founded the ‘Theatre of Lost Time’, a company dedicated to visual theatre and poetry. From the beginning of this century Sjon finally concentrated himself on fine arts. At last he found it.

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