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  Sjon Brands (Tilburg Netherlands) 
studied mechanical engineering (Eindhoven),
social history (Tilburg) and movement theater Antwerp).
His working life was a jigsaw puzzle of different jobs,
such as fisherman on the North Sea, business researcher,
taxi-driver, history teacher, barkeeper in Spain,
actor in Belgium ('Piramide op de Punt'),
social worker in Dutch suburbs and company director.
His real life was always inspired by wandering,
poetry and constructing his own world.
In 1986 Sjon founded the 'Theater of Lost Time',
a company dedicated to visual theater and poetry.
From the beginning of this century Sjon finally concentrated 
himself on fine arts, on Dadaïst birds of paradise,
flamboyant airships and readymades. At last he found it.


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► See also: pers / press

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